WHY Adam Lanza killed children in Sandy Hook – A theory & motive

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Virginia Tech killer motive – raped as a child? Theory & evidence, with his video

I think the Virginia Tech killer was also raped as a child, probably by a priest.  Here’s the evidence:

  • In his own video he says, “I did this for the children … for my brothers and sisters that you fucked
  • Wikipedia talks about two of the three essays/plays that he wrote, and they were both about child sex abuse
  • He railed against Christianity, yet compared himself to Christ
    • See 15 seconds at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KElyLrrTLB0#t=1m00s
    • In Wikipedia, at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seung-Hui_Cho it says he “railed against his parents’ strong Christian faith”
      • This would be expected from a child that saw the hypocrisy in his parent’s following a religion that rapes children.  His parents, like most, probably never knew he was raped.
    • However, he did not hate Jesus Christ, and even compared himself to Jesus Christ
  • He had “selective mutism” and social disorders?

He also committed suicide when the cops got there.  Why?

  • He wasn’t afraid of dying
  • He wasn’t afraid of killing cops
  • He wasn’t afraid of being identified

He was afraid of being touched, like many child sex victims.

Cho was the perfect victim for a pedophile priest.  New to town, like Adam Lanza, quiet, and unlikely to tell anyone, especially if the priest told him that he was at fault and would get in trouble.

Other evidence, all speculative:

See the most compelling video below, for 15 seconds, where he says, “I did this for the children … for my brothers and sisters that you fucked”

Go to the 1:27 mark


Why Adam Lanza massacred children at Sandy Hook, Newtown – A theory & motive

To save people time, I will give a one minute summary followed by details with verifiable online pointers to facts.

Note that this is just a theory about a motive, and will be shocking to everyone.


  • Adam Lanza was raped by a known, convicted Catholic pedophile priest named Fr John J Castaldo when Adam Lanza was 6 years old, when his family moved to Newtown, CT, in 1998
  • He never stopped thinking about the traumatic moment of being raped by “Christ on earth”, which is what priests call themselves.  He spent every moment of his life trying to rationalize it.  He never developed normally.
  • Then he went to that specific classroom because there were mostly 6 year old Catholic children in that room
  • No one protected Adam, Adam would show the Catholics that their children couldn’t be protected


  • The Lanzas moved to Newtown in 1998.  See last paragraph at http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/for-lanza-family-son-adams-difficulties-dominated/2012/12/17/3c0e8eb0-4890-11e2-ad54-580638ede391_story.html
  • A known, convicted, serial pedophile priest named Fr John J Castaldo resided there from 1998 until 2001
  • Now the speculation:
    • Adam is a quiet 6 year old who moves to Newtown in 1998.    Fr Castaldo was a serial child rapist, and pedophile priests have as much sex as they can get away with.   Most victims never came forward (like Adam) because they knew they wouldn’t be believed.
    • Castaldo probably had many victims, most of which never came forward
    • Adam may or may not have had autism, making him easy prey.  Adam would never tell anyone, and could be manipulated easily.
    • Castaldo has sex with Adam, and the Catholic church hides and reassigns Castaldo, as they have done thousands of times in the United States
    • Psychological trauma:
      • It is tough for anyone to grasp the psychological trauma that a child experiences when they are raped by a Catholic priest.
      • <trigger alert>
      • They think they are being anally stabbed to death by “Christ on earth”, because that is what Catholic priests call themselves.   The pain is excruciating.  They think Christ is trying to kill them, and God won’t help.  They feel grunting, and groaning, and violent movement.
      • Then the pedophile priest typically tells them it is their fault, and that they will get in trouble if they tell anyone, and that no one would believe them.  They believe they are going to hell, and don’t know why.
      • They have more psychological pressure than anyone could endure, let alone an undeveloped 7 year old.
      • The pedophile priest goes to Catholic confession, is forgiven, and forgets about it.
      • Adam thinks about that moment every moment of every day.  For years, he thinks he is the only child in the world raped by Christ on earth.  He has nightmares that never stop.
      • His first goal is to make sure that no one ever knows what happened to him.  His biggest fear is that he is caught, and will be eternally bullied for being punished/raped/stabbed by “Christ on earth”.
      • Catholic child rape, and pedophile priest protection, is the ultimate psychological bullying.
      • He can’t even talk to other children.  He never develops socially.
      • As he grows older, he sees the world differently than everyone else.  He has no help or guidance.  Everyone calls him “odd”, affirming his belief that there is something wrong with him.  He knows.  He may think he was raped by Christ because he was bad, at age 6, or he was odd.  He can’t figure out what he did wrong.  The psycological games would destroy any human mind.  Especially a 6, 7, 8 year old.  And it gets worse every year.  And he can’t talk to anyone about it, so he doesn’t talk to anyone at all.  He lives life in a complete bubble.  Even Mom and the psycologists don’t have any idea.
      • He has nightmares every single night, and can’t stop them.
      • When he matures, and finds out that the Catholic church knows about his, and no one cares, and Castaldo and other priests get no penalty, he sees a world of evil.
        • Many victims of Catholic pedophile priest rape commit suicide.  In Australia, 40 suicides have been traced back to just 5 pedophile priests who abused priests between 1960 and the late 1980s, and Catholics STILL don’t care enough to do anything about it http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/churchs-suicide-victims-20120412-1wwox.html
        • Adam Lanza would know, through his internet research, that the Catholic church paid $11 million in Philadelphia to protect Msgr Lynn, who admitted to shredding evidence about 35 known pedophile priests in 1994.  Msgr Lynn shredded this information at the request of Cardinal Bevilacqua and with the knowledge of 2 bishops, Cullen & Cistone.
      • Mostly, in Adam Lanza’s bubble, he knows that the Catholic church fights to protect known child rapists and fights to humiliate the victims.  There is no good in this world that Adam sees.  In a world where Catholics say this is God’s best church, Adam sees nothing but evil.  He did something wrong when he was 6, and doesn’t know what it is.  He has always thought he was going to hell.
      • He will commit suicide, but before he does, he will take revenge against the 6 year olds, most of which were Catholic.  Catholics never protected or helped Adam at any point since he was 6, and he would show that their children couldn’t be protected.
    • I could go on for hours, but you get the idea.  An evil brain has been created, and has been cooking for 14 years.
  • New (2/1/13) In 5th grade, Adam Lanza threw up while watching a sex education video.  This would make sense for a child rape victim of a Catholic priest, who is now 11 years old and just learning about sex, reliving what happened to him when he was 6 years old http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2012/12/18/adam-lanza-sandy-hook-student/1777525/
  • Like most Catholic priest rape victims, Adam never tells anyone.
  • Adam goes to the school with a plan:
    • Kill the psychologist that didn’t help him when he was young
    • Kill anyone who gets in his way
    • Kill the 6 year old children, most of which were Catholics.  If Catholics didn’t protect him, he would see that those 6 year olds weren’t protected, and take revenge against the parents of those 6 year olds, who didn’t care what happened to him when he was 6 years old
      • In his world (his isolationist bubble), he can now control whether 6 year old children are protected
      • The viciousness has been developed for years, and the hatred is unlimited
      • An insane mind has been created
    • He shoots himself as soon as the police showed up.  He can never be touched.
  • After the massacre, the local Catholic church, St Rose, was threatened, probably by another of Castaldo’s victims who never came forward

There’s the theory, and is a more complete explanation than anything else I’ve seen.  If they investigate with this in mind, they will find internet sites he visited about Catholics protecting pedophile priests.  Even if his computer was destroyed, his internet provider will have a log of all the sites he visited.

Lastly, why did his brain snap that day?  My guess is that it was the anniversary of the date he was raped, a date he fears every year, when the weather, daylight, and pre-Christmas celebration by everyone remind him in ways he can’t forget.

Alternatively, it could have been because his mother said she was going to put him in an institution.  However, the bigger issue for him would have been that he couldn’t handle being touched.

This is a complete motive with an explanation for everything.  Let’s see what other evidence comes up.

UPDATES, thanks to a commenter below.

  • Another known (and admitted) pedophile priest named Fr Charles Stubbs, who admitted molesting a boy in 1997, was also at St Rose of Lima Parish around that time, as proven in the Reuters article pedophile priest Fr Charles Stubbs at St Rose of Lima Church when Adam Lanza was there.  However, he may have left after 1997, and Adam Lanza arrived in 1998.  The article doesn’t make it clear whether Stubbs continued to live in Newtown in 1998.
  • Stubbs had been protected and moved by multiple priests including Bishop Egan, who put him in Newtown in 1997.
  • I could not find proof that Fr Donovan was at St Rose of Lima during that time period
  • Regardless, with AT LEAST 2 known pedophile priests in the Newtown parish at that time, there certainly was a culture of accepted pedophilia