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Why Adam Lanza massacred children at Sandy Hook, Newtown – A theory & motive

To save people time, I will give a one minute summary followed by details with verifiable online pointers to facts.

Note that this is just a theory about a motive, and will be shocking to everyone.


  • Adam Lanza was raped by a known, convicted Catholic pedophile priest named Fr John J Castaldo when Adam Lanza was 6 years old, when his family moved to Newtown, CT, in 1998
  • He never stopped thinking about the traumatic moment of being raped by “Christ on earth”, which is what priests call themselves.  He spent every moment of his life trying to rationalize it.  He never developed normally.
  • Then he went to that specific classroom because there were mostly 6 year old Catholic children in that room
  • No one protected Adam, Adam would show the Catholics that their children couldn’t be protected


  • The Lanzas moved to Newtown in 1998.  See last paragraph at http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/for-lanza-family-son-adams-difficulties-dominated/2012/12/17/3c0e8eb0-4890-11e2-ad54-580638ede391_story.html
  • A known, convicted, serial pedophile priest named Fr John J Castaldo resided there from 1998 until 2001
  • Now the speculation:
    • Adam is a quiet 6 year old who moves to Newtown in 1998.    Fr Castaldo was a serial child rapist, and pedophile priests have as much sex as they can get away with.   Most victims never came forward (like Adam) because they knew they wouldn’t be believed.
    • Castaldo probably had many victims, most of which never came forward
    • Adam may or may not have had autism, making him easy prey.  Adam would never tell anyone, and could be manipulated easily.
    • Castaldo has sex with Adam, and the Catholic church hides and reassigns Castaldo, as they have done thousands of times in the United States
    • Psychological trauma:
      • It is tough for anyone to grasp the psychological trauma that a child experiences when they are raped by a Catholic priest.
      • <trigger alert>
      • They think they are being anally stabbed to death by “Christ on earth”, because that is what Catholic priests call themselves.   The pain is excruciating.  They think Christ is trying to kill them, and God won’t help.  They feel grunting, and groaning, and violent movement.
      • Then the pedophile priest typically tells them it is their fault, and that they will get in trouble if they tell anyone, and that no one would believe them.  They believe they are going to hell, and don’t know why.
      • They have more psychological pressure than anyone could endure, let alone an undeveloped 7 year old.
      • The pedophile priest goes to Catholic confession, is forgiven, and forgets about it.
      • Adam thinks about that moment every moment of every day.  For years, he thinks he is the only child in the world raped by Christ on earth.  He has nightmares that never stop.
      • His first goal is to make sure that no one ever knows what happened to him.  His biggest fear is that he is caught, and will be eternally bullied for being punished/raped/stabbed by “Christ on earth”.
      • Catholic child rape, and pedophile priest protection, is the ultimate psychological bullying.
      • He can’t even talk to other children.  He never develops socially.
      • As he grows older, he sees the world differently than everyone else.  He has no help or guidance.  Everyone calls him “odd”, affirming his belief that there is something wrong with him.  He knows.  He may think he was raped by Christ because he was bad, at age 6, or he was odd.  He can’t figure out what he did wrong.  The psycological games would destroy any human mind.  Especially a 6, 7, 8 year old.  And it gets worse every year.  And he can’t talk to anyone about it, so he doesn’t talk to anyone at all.  He lives life in a complete bubble.  Even Mom and the psycologists don’t have any idea.
      • He has nightmares every single night, and can’t stop them.
      • When he matures, and finds out that the Catholic church knows about his, and no one cares, and Castaldo and other priests get no penalty, he sees a world of evil.
        • Many victims of Catholic pedophile priest rape commit suicide.  In Australia, 40 suicides have been traced back to just 5 pedophile priests who abused priests between 1960 and the late 1980s, and Catholics STILL don’t care enough to do anything about it http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/churchs-suicide-victims-20120412-1wwox.html
        • Adam Lanza would know, through his internet research, that the Catholic church paid $11 million in Philadelphia to protect Msgr Lynn, who admitted to shredding evidence about 35 known pedophile priests in 1994.  Msgr Lynn shredded this information at the request of Cardinal Bevilacqua and with the knowledge of 2 bishops, Cullen & Cistone.
      • Mostly, in Adam Lanza’s bubble, he knows that the Catholic church fights to protect known child rapists and fights to humiliate the victims.  There is no good in this world that Adam sees.  In a world where Catholics say this is God’s best church, Adam sees nothing but evil.  He did something wrong when he was 6, and doesn’t know what it is.  He has always thought he was going to hell.
      • He will commit suicide, but before he does, he will take revenge against the 6 year olds, most of which were Catholic.  Catholics never protected or helped Adam at any point since he was 6, and he would show that their children couldn’t be protected.
    • I could go on for hours, but you get the idea.  An evil brain has been created, and has been cooking for 14 years.
  • New (2/1/13) In 5th grade, Adam Lanza threw up while watching a sex education video.  This would make sense for a child rape victim of a Catholic priest, who is now 11 years old and just learning about sex, reliving what happened to him when he was 6 years old http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2012/12/18/adam-lanza-sandy-hook-student/1777525/
  • Like most Catholic priest rape victims, Adam never tells anyone.
  • Adam goes to the school with a plan:
    • Kill the psychologist that didn’t help him when he was young
    • Kill anyone who gets in his way
    • Kill the 6 year old children, most of which were Catholics.  If Catholics didn’t protect him, he would see that those 6 year olds weren’t protected, and take revenge against the parents of those 6 year olds, who didn’t care what happened to him when he was 6 years old
      • In his world (his isolationist bubble), he can now control whether 6 year old children are protected
      • The viciousness has been developed for years, and the hatred is unlimited
      • An insane mind has been created
    • He shoots himself as soon as the police showed up.  He can never be touched.
  • After the massacre, the local Catholic church, St Rose, was threatened, probably by another of Castaldo’s victims who never came forward

There’s the theory, and is a more complete explanation than anything else I’ve seen.  If they investigate with this in mind, they will find internet sites he visited about Catholics protecting pedophile priests.  Even if his computer was destroyed, his internet provider will have a log of all the sites he visited.

Lastly, why did his brain snap that day?  My guess is that it was the anniversary of the date he was raped, a date he fears every year, when the weather, daylight, and pre-Christmas celebration by everyone remind him in ways he can’t forget.

Alternatively, it could have been because his mother said she was going to put him in an institution.  However, the bigger issue for him would have been that he couldn’t handle being touched.

This is a complete motive with an explanation for everything.  Let’s see what other evidence comes up.

UPDATES, thanks to a commenter below.

  • Another known (and admitted) pedophile priest named Fr Charles Stubbs, who admitted molesting a boy in 1997, was also at St Rose of Lima Parish around that time, as proven in the Reuters article pedophile priest Fr Charles Stubbs at St Rose of Lima Church when Adam Lanza was there.  However, he may have left after 1997, and Adam Lanza arrived in 1998.  The article doesn’t make it clear whether Stubbs continued to live in Newtown in 1998.
  • Stubbs had been protected and moved by multiple priests including Bishop Egan, who put him in Newtown in 1997.
  • I could not find proof that Fr Donovan was at St Rose of Lima during that time period
  • Regardless, with AT LEAST 2 known pedophile priests in the Newtown parish at that time, there certainly was a culture of accepted pedophilia


  1. Mark Taylor, Columbine victim and whistleblower has been abducted and drugged when he was whistleblowing. He had learned that Eric Harris, the boy who shot him had been sexually assaulted at the hands of Jefferson County Deputies. google Release Mark Taylor. also, Dr. Stan Monteith podcast on radio liberty 8-28-12 John Decamp states factually that the shooters were raped multiple times. Keep going with your research. We think you may be on the right track. We are familiar with other shootings with a similar M.O. yet the authorities cover this up. Google Columbine Cover up to see how many pages are posted in google.

  2. Jaded Muse says:

    Good point and would also explain why he wouldn’t let his mother in his bedroom or “personal space” while he was sick but still wanted her outside his door making him feel safe. It would also explain why he preferred to be downstairs in a basement without windows, next to his mothers arsenal when he had a proper bedroom upstairs…no windows means nobody can get in and downstairs means they have to get past mom, if all that failed there’s the arsenal nearby. That’s all I can think of right now but I think you are on to something…

    • He couldn’t be touched, ever, which is very, very common among child rape victims.

      • He was autistic you idiots. This is ridiculous.

      • He specifically had Asperger’s, and they also said that he was a genius in his tech club. This means tha the would have the ability to reason, but couldn’t deal with people. He probably had these problems at a young age, which made him a PERFECT target for a serial pedophile priest in the Catholic church who knew he could get away with raping Adam, since Adam would never talk. There’s almost no likelihood that Castaldo would not have singled out Adam in a CCD class and raped him.

      • fe203 says:

        The best two theories that explain the nature of the crime are that he was a pedophile victim or that he reacted in anger and jealousy against his mother and kindergarden children who she was reportedly assisting with at Sandy Hook school. His mother was apparently taking the steps to institutionalize Adam due to his increasingly difficult state. Perhaps both are correct. The victims were shot by someone who directed considerable hate, anger, and other emotions towards them in a cold, disconnected and focused, almost out of control manner.

      • True. The thing is that if he was jealous about his mother, we may never know, but if Internet records show that Adam went to sites about Catholic pedophile priests and Catholic child rape, we’ll know he was a victim. No one else would look for that.

      • fe203 says:

        Yes, its important that his internet search history be investigated, particularly regarding catholic priests, if still possible, to have all obvious areas properly looked into.

      • The problem is that every Catholic will do everything in their power to cover it up, just like they always have.

      • Ron Aigner says:

        He left a message on a you tube that he was raped by perverts. Columbine victim turned whistleblower Mark Taylor was exposing the truth about Columbine. Adam Lanza was a Columbine copy cat who had learned that Eric Harris was also raped.
        Google Release Mark Taylor

      • Neil says:

        The so called Adam Lanza post on youtube is turning out to be a hoax. But I would be open to a conspiracy of sorts by the police investigation to filter out any messages that Adam wished to leave behind. Certainly the media would be afraid of finding out the possibility that Adam was quite rational in his reasons. For instance what if Adam drafted a suicide note that detailed everything that was wrong with American society. That would be greater than the voice of the president and I wonder if it would be suppressed. Remember how the uni-bomber drafted a manifesto. The media never bothered to even dissect that manifesto and wrote it off as writings of a lunatic. I read the manifesto and it is actually well thought and worthy of debate. Mind you, I don’t believe people would like the idea of returning to late 1700’s technology. They love their toys too much.

      • I’m not surprised that the video was a hoax. There are plenty of those on the internet.

        If Adam had a suicide note that said he didn’t like American society, I don’t think that voice would necessarily change people. People might say only murdering madmen want those changes, and that might polarize people against reasonable ideas.

        However, if Adam said he was raped by a Catholic priest, EVERY Catholic would try to hide it.

      • Neil says:

        I’m back after doing some more research on Adam. I believe I discovered Adam’s pedophile and he is not a Catholic Priest but he may be Catholic. His denomination wouldn’t be relevant to the role he set himself up with to meet young boys. Now I should begin by saying that I have experience exposing pedophiles before as I helped bust one in a protestant church. They are usually charismatic types who like to mentor shy boys. The advisor to the tech club that Adam was in is named Richard Novia. He took an interest in Adam from the get go, trying to nurture him and then with his newly divorced mother trying to get to know her. This allowed him to come stay over at the house. Which he did by his own admission. It wouldn’t surprise me that pedophiles are starting to supervise tech clubs since they are predominately boys domains. Girls would be somewhat shunned and discouraged from joining. Richard Novia did get interviewed and he seems to exaggerate Adam’s disabilities. This would help to discourage any idea that adam was really just a very shy young man but someone who was incompetent and in need of help. Hence Richard Novia to the rescue.

      • I just did some research, and can’t find anything about Richard Novia being a pedophile. Do you have a link for that?

      • Neil says:

        If he is not on the sex offender register list, it doesn’t mean he is not a pedophile. Pedophiles situate themselves in areas where they have access to children. Richard was was fired in 2008 for an altercation with a student (story unknown). Nancy Lanza was trying to protest the firing because she liked that Richard was taking an interest in being friends with her son. RIchard has his own “business card” security company and now lives in Nashville. Here is his number 931-626-8052. I recommend calling him and asking where he was between December 11th and December 14th, 2012.

      • Tonus says:

        It should be noted that this man you have named as potentially being a pedophile (granted, without so much as an ounce of proof that he is anything of the kind) was also the Director of Security for the Newton School District until 2008 (when he was suspended and then dismissed for allegedly pushing a student).


        Nancy Lanza had supposedly held a rally and organized a meeting at the school in support of Mr. Novia keeping his jobs with the Newtown School District

        He ALSO had a company that, at the time, offered financial software services that included “financial and accounting system audits, training, technical and professional assistance with financial software products for mid-to-large-sized companies in the $5M to $100M in annual gross earnings.”

        He currently runs an investigations and security consultation company in Tennessee…


        His investigative services seem a FAR more plausible link to the Lanza family (beyond the “mentoring” aspect mentioned in the first link) than any odd potential pedophilic angle… seeing as Lanza’s father is a partner/VP at Ernst & Young, who have recently come into a considerably bad light in the wakes of a lot of auditing controversy. Perhaps, and this is totally speculation, Mr Novia and/or some of his software had something to do with some of those discrepancies being discovered… and how exactly that would tie into Adam going and shooting up an elementary school, I’m not sure…

        …but it is interesting, anyway.
        Far more interesting than a bunch of speculation about a Catholic priest that potentially has no direct link to Adam Lanza, whatsoever.

      • Disagree. the Catholic pedophile priest was a convicte, serial child rapist, and he definitely saw 6 year old Adam as the perfect victim in this small town.

        Then Adam kills the 6 year olds to get revenge against the Catholic parents who fought for their church of pedophilia instead of fighting to help him.

        It is the only explanation that explains everything.

      • Fr Castaldo is a convicted, proven pedophile who is in the Catholic church, which is the world’s largest pedophile protecting fraternity. That’s why I think Castaldo definitely raped Adam Lanza.

        However, if you have no evidence whatsoever that this guy Novia did anything wrong, and can’t show a website that details this altercation, then I’m certainly not going to call him.

        If you want to call Castaldo, I won’t stop you.

      • Neil says:

        No problem, I will call the priest. I despise them anyway. But why not call the number I forwarded you. It will be an answering service. You can always hang up but I want to prove to you that he does have a security company that in many way is given a license to kill by either foreign or national intelligence agencies.

      • I just don’t see enough evidence that he did anything wrong.

      • Neil says:

        This is why pedophiles get away with things. They are so good at coming across as normal that people don’t question them. But no normal man wants to hang around a super shy boy that he has to go out of his way to get him to talk. Richard hung around Adam “ALOT”. This is why I busted pedophiles and you didn’t. I know how to spot them.

      • Tonus says:

        Hey how about approving my comment that I posted twelve hours ago so I can move on to what you’re talking about.

      • Tonus says:

        Thanks. 🙂
        Before I move on to this complete and utter bowl of toss speculating about Richard Novia possibly being a pedophile, I have a couple questions. I’ve been digging through your links and such and can’t seem to locate the corroboration, so I put this forth:

        The articles I’ve seen only said that “Adam and Nancy Lanza were parishoners…” it doesn’t say the entire family was, nor does it say when they began or when or if they had stopped attending services, there, or that this was the only Catholic church they attended (I know several people that would drive half an hour or more to attend whatever church they felt best suited them and I know others that attended one certain church on one day of the week and another church much farther away on other days).
        One of the comments in the article mentioned that the person was nauseated by the prospect that Adam Lanza had “walked the halls of the church” or however it was put. She doesn’t state knowing him, but that doesn’t really mean much, except maybe that they weren’t currently attending the church (it doesn’t mention when the commenter had started attending services there).
        It also mentions that Adam had attended the church’s schools after Mz. Lanza pulled him out of Sandy Hook Elementary (I’ve also read elsewhere that he may have also attended the same private schools briefly after he left the public high school after completing 10th grade, which might open another question to your hypothesis, as well). In the city where I’m from, besides the local public school system, the only other schools were private Catholic schools… and I know plenty of people that transferred to them in my school days… so they could get a starting position on a sports team, to get a better education, getting a “problem child” out of the public school system, etc. Hell, I’m fairly sure that less than half of them were even Catholic.
        Can you show some proof where Adam Lanza was in that church or in the direct, private company of the priest in question in the same time frame that the priest was there? That is, that Adam Lanza was positively and conclusively in that church in the time frame and that his mother/family did not possibly start attending the church in any other time frame than when the priest was there?
        Saying something like, “Well, it stands to reason that since they moved there in 1998, they immediately began attending that church,” isn’t proof of anything. The inability to disprove something with the data at hand doesn’t make said thing proof… and yeah, it’s also fair to say that the inability to prove something with the data at hand doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not true – it just means you can’t currently prove it.
        I apologize for the wordiness of this post, but I am genuinely curious, that’s all. Like I said when I first came here, I’m not saying your hypothesis is wrong, or anything, at this point. I’m just saying as it stands with the data I’m given, I can poke great big lady-in-the-third-row-of-the-church-choir-be-havin’-butt-sized holes in it.

      • Tonus says:

        Neil said:
        …Now I should begin by saying that I have experience exposing pedophiles before as I helped bust one in a protestant church.”

        “…This is why I busted pedophiles and you didn’t. I know how to spot them.”

        There is quite a bit I would like to say about the comments that contain these quotes… but I’m going to hold my tongue on a lot of it, for the moment.
        I can say this, though… we have this FACT:
        Mr. Novia had taken Adam Lanza “under his wing” and such when Adam Lanza was in high school at the tech club and what not.
        Let’s pretend for a moment that Mr. Novia had sex with/raped Adam Lanza. Hell, let’s say he raped every boy in the tech club for five years. This, alone, would exclude him from being a “pedophile.” Care to tell us why, Neil?

        I’ll also say this – I have studied, written and worked in the subject of, among other things, sexual predators since 1996. Though some might beg to differ, I do not claim to be any kind of the “expert” in said field that my teachers are.

        I’m going to step away from the computer for a moment to cool off and avoid being a total jerk to someone I don’t know.

      • The links I gave show that the Lanzas were Catholic, and moved into Newtown in 1998, when Adam was 6. There is only 1 Catholic church in Newtown, and that’s where the convicted pedophile priest, Fr Castaldo, was working for 2 years. The nearest church beyond that is 11 miles away. I don’t have proof other than common sense.

        I see no evidence that Novia was a pedophile or was with Adam a lot, so I’m not endorsing that thought process. It doesn’t mean its not possible, but there’s no evidence that Novia was a pedophile. The Catholic priest, Fr Castaldo, was a CONVICTED pedophile, caught in a pedophile sting.

      • Neil says:

        I don’t overlook the priest or any other registered sex offenders in the area. From my experiences I am simply stating that pedophiles take active interests in shy or disabled boys when no one else will. And I should mention that the pedophile that I busted was targeting a shy boy in our church who lived with his single mom. The mother was very trusting of this pedophile in his 50’s who could have been the boy’s grandfather. So much so that when I came forward with my belief that the boy was being sexually abused, the mother was in absolute denial. When Richard Novia was being fired, it was Adam’s mother who was trying to defend him because she was so thankful that he took the time to befriend her son. She couldn’t care less about the altercation he had with another student and I really wish to know what that altercation was. I will say this, it isn’t just the mom who was in denial of the pedophile I busted, I first approached the boy and told him to stay away from this man and that it wasn’t healthy. The boy broke down and cried and defended him saying he was a good man. This is the tragedy, they use friendship and kindness as a bargaining chip for sex. After the police investigation, the boy came forward that the pedophile did sexually abuse him and I later found out that he had targeted other boys in the church. Denial is very strong with abused boys. I really wonder if this is why Adam destroyed his hard drive.

      • hungergameslover101 says:

        You said he had Asperger’s. Asperger’s often causes psychopathy without: a) a guidance counselor or b) medical attention.

      • And I would think its more likely to cause psychopathy if the patient isn’t honest about what the problem is, and Catholic priest rape victims almost never tell anyone what happened to them.

    • Peter Boyapati says:

      Whatever the reasons are, killing alone is not justified…..and children….who on earth can justify killing children…..wake up people

      • None of this is a justification. It is an explanation, and a motive, supported by indisputable facts.

      • Deanna Munson says:

        all of it is plausible,except,being that adam was a vegan,because he had empathy for animals,if anything,if he did this at all ,i would say the motive may have been to relieve the 6 yr olds,not punish them.i have endured childhood sexual abuse,by extended family members AND authority figures.it could have been that he was told that all 6 yr olds were deserving of this practice for whatever made up reason,and i could see him wanting to relieve them of the experience.but in my opinion,this and a few other shootings lately are all connected.too many similarities and to many obvious cover-ups and inconsistencies made by officials.while this all seems theoretically possible,i just believe it was someone other than adam lanza with the motives and agendas

      • I disagree with your motive idea, and the “other shooter” idea (which I’ve heard elsewhere), but hopefully they will do an exhaustive investigation.

    • vicky says:

      There’s more evidence that he was raped here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSBibhIvZZY

    • Oh, it’s much simpler than all this. Lanza’s psychosis is the textbook definition of…a libertarian! A loner, the violence fantasies, Asperger’s syndrome, the obsession with guns…it all fits! Need more proof? Visit Hit & Run, the Official Chat-Room of Reason.com. You’ll meet lots of Adam Lanzas there. Be afraid!


      • Its more complicated than that. Adam had a reson, and in his mind, a logical means of revenge.

      • Neil says:

        Do you think its possible that Adam manipulated his mother to purchase the assault rifle? And how long do you think he planned this event in advance? I am also seeing a trend amongst loner kids to fantasize about mass murder. Its becoming fashionable to joke about it. And it tells us something about our society. Children do not value their futures like they used to. They are becoming nihilistic. The corporate economy has created a vacuum for any sense of community purpose. The ban on assault rifles is nothing more than a stop gap measure to a bigger problem. Its not like the government wants to have an unarmed public. It’s more they want to continue the current corporate culture trend without having people question if anything is wrong with society. When a kid goes into a school and shoots up an entire student body then the nation is forced to look at itself and ask a question, is there a problem with our society? Adam could have been overly introverted. There is no hard evidence that he was diagnosed with a mental condition otherwise it would have surfaced by now. It seems really important to paint Adam as a psycho. But when you look at video footage of the Columbine kids, nothing stands out that they are crazed killers. In fact they are actually quite normal in their behavior. Adam was said to be a nice person but really shy. That’s it. All this bullshit about him not feeling any pain is more like a cover up and that is why I believe Richard Novia is trying to hide something. I am sure there will be no evidence whatsoever that Adam didn’t feel physical pain. This is why I am encouraging people to look up more information on Richard Novia. He is the only person that hung around Adam the most. What does he gain by arbitrarily saying that Adam couldn’t feel physical pain, that Adam was Aspergers, that Adam had confirmed mental disorders. Was Richard Novia his doctor. No. He was the only person who spent a lot of time with Adam.

      • Tonus says:

        The Lanza family therapist has confirmed that Adam was diagnosed with Asperger. Technically not a mental illness… but at this juncture, it would appear to be just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Tonus says:

        As far as any diagnosis of neuropathy or perhaps even analgesia, nothing seems to have come forward, at this point. Of course, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but all we have is a statement by a former teacher being told (apparently by his family) that he needed to be closely supervised when working with dangerous tools. As to why he would make a statement of this kind if it weren’t true… who knows?
        BUT it should be noted that many people diagnosed with autism spectrum/Asperger/etc. also suffer from forms of neuropathy. With my own eyes, I once saw a young girl with Asperger remove a glass Christmas ornament from a tree (in the shape of a carrot), put it in her mouth and chew it up. Her mouth bled profusely but she showed no signs of pain. This same girl also once broke a drinking glass in her hand and cut her hand very deeply. Again, no signs of pain whatsoever, not a single tear, from the time of the accident through the eighteen stitches she received as a result.
        So it is a possibility that this was the case with Adam Lanza, as well. It remains to be seen if it can be corroborated by any of the family’s doctors.

      • Neil says:

        Please be careful with your statements. The only one who is on record for saying that Adam had to be watched around tools because he felt no pain is Richard Novia. And CNN has independently confirmed that there is no therapist that has come forward with any diagnosis. You need to provide the link of the therapist that came forward. There was one phony one on youtube saying she is Adam Lanza’s therapist but she has been proven to be a liar who wants to further her no drug for mental illness agenda.

      • Tonus says:

        That’s pretty funny… you telling me to be careful with my statements after some of the things you’ve said on here. I got a kick out of that… but

        The very fist link at the top of this page… page 2 of the article… Paula Levy. Family’s therapist and their divorce mediator. She states that “the family told her,” so if you want to split hairs, I suppose you could, but why would the parents lie to the family therapist? It’s quite possible that they even provided her with some form of documentation, but regardless, I think a statement from the family’s therapist would tend to have a little more weight than a lot of the “reporting” that’s been done.

      • Neil says:

        No hairs to split my friend. Paula Levy was the divorce mediator and that was all. The divorce papers mention no history of any mental diagnosis with Adam. So the rest would be here say. People who knew or know Adam feel it is best to have a diagnosis to explain his behaviour. I knew a socially maladapted kid in school. Yes you could point to the Asperger diagnosis because he inappropriately talked too loud at times and never seemed to self reflect. Or you could point to a personality disorder because he never dated any girls and seemed absorbed in childish fantasies. Everyone who knew him said he was weird but he had no diagnosis and did well in school. I later learned that he was obsessed with a girl after high school and had delusions that she wanted to marry him because she accepted a very personal gift from him. When she cut off communication, he confided to an acquaintance that he fantasized about killing her.

      • Tonus says:

        Please show your proof that Paula Levy was ONLY the divorce mediator and, contrary to the statement made in the press, in NO WAY, at any point, was the family therapist dealing with any other issues beyond the divorce.

        Beyond that, I really am not too concerns what you have to say about your experiences, hypotheses and the like. You can’t even properly use the term “pedophile,” so pretty much anything you have to say about it is without much merit beyond some Perverted Justice vigilante-type silliness.

        p.s. – I think you meant “hearsay…” but… y’know.

      • Neil says:

        You wish to take me to task on glossed over spelling errors? How predictable. When cornered on your faulty reasoning and your need to point out abstract references to unconfirmed reports you pull out the heavy guns and hit me with a spelling error. I am slain. I cannot get up. You have entirely discredited me sir. But alas I refuse to be put on the defensive. I was humbly sharing my experiences in hopes of providing perspective. I am intrigued by the theory of sexual abuse as a possible motive in this case. I would not hedge all my bets on this theory but I do know that it can cause low self esteem and mistrust.

        But it’s all to easy to pin a bulls eye on Adam and write him off as being sick. Its harder to take a look in the mirror and see the vanity of our bloated sick society. Where the push of a button or the pull of a trigger provide instant gratification. We don’t produce, we consume. We don’t live to love. We love to live. But we are living off life support. We don’t have any real communities anymore. We hide behind our mythologies and fears and hope to live forever all the while aspiring to be the next American Idol or the Super Lotto winner. Because if you are not the chosen few or some sacred jew then you are NOTHING.

      • Tonus says:

        Please don’t duck the inquiries I have put to you in favor of trying to make me feel bad for simply correcting your improper terminology (not “spelling mistake”) and then changing the subject to the ills of society, your “experience” and whatnot.

        Please show your proof in reference to the statement you made that Paula Levy was solely the divorce mediator and had no other role (such as the role of “family therapist” that was made in the referenced article) with the Lanza family.

        I agree, the thought of possible sexual abuse in this case would make it even more interesting… but as it stands, the facts simply aren’t there… AT ALL.

      • Tonus says:

        In addition to the Paula Levy info, I am also curious to the source of your statement made where “…CNN has independently confirmed that there is no therapist that has come forward with any diagnosis.” Can you point us to this? I’ve been all over the CNN website in various searches as well as several searches across the Web and can find no references to this, anywhere. I mean, you’d think that CNN would have that on their site archives, anyway? And you’d think (at least) the AP would pick up on it and pass that info along?

      • Neil says:

        Why don’t you wait until the investigation is over. Otherwise, any claims of mental illness will be hearsay. I don’t recall where I saw the report but it was on the cnn website. I already cited two links for verification on other reports I gave. Just trust that I wouldn’t lie on a third. I have nothing to gain by saying that Adam was not diagnosed. I guess for you, school shootings are quite new. It doesn’t occur to you that for the last two major school shootings the perpetrators were also not diagnosed with any mental illness. It really seems important for Americans to have a crazy person be their mass killer. They just can’t accept that their society is to blame.

      • Tonus says:

        …and the crowd goes quiet?

      • Tonus says:

        All I really asked for was two sources of information that corroborated your statements that a.) Paula Levy was ONLY the divorce mediator and b.) CNN had independently confirmed that no therapist had come forward with a diagnosis (despite a report regarding, but NOT a quote from, Paula Levy). I had even gone through the Internet Wayback Machine and couldn’t find anything.

        Am I “stirring the pot” a little? Most definitely. Not in any kind of attempt to out-and-out argue with ANYONE about it, but it’s the internet… and people like to say a lot of stuff without having anything to back it up, which most of the time is fine, but sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous and even irresponsible. I mean, Richard Novia?!?! C’mon, man!

        Look at all the complete and utter garbage about this case on YouTube! So much stuff that, with five minutes of actual investigation, can easily be proven false. My pot-stirring is all only for an effort to help arrive at facts, though… it’s not malicious.

        Personally, I am inclined to believe that no therapist has come forward with any information (I was just curious as to your source of this… again, just mixing it up a bit)… which would make the article alleging Paula Levy’s “statement” a bit perplexing, because –

        I take it from a couple things that you’re not an American, so it’s likely that you are unaware of what HIPAA is and how it would relate to this kind of information. In a nutshell, doctors/nurses/therapists/etc. are not allowed to discuss medical conditions/etc. of their patients outside of the family without the family’s permission (of course, the patient/family can tell whomever they wish)… and, likewise, no one is allowed access to this information. This information should not (and by law, cannot) be made public as the result of any investigation currently underway by state or federal authorities. The only clear exception, here, is a lawsuit against one of Adam’s therapists, in which case access could be gained through subpoena and then this information would end up as part of the public record of the proceedings, granted it is not sealed.

        This brings the article with the Paula Levy claim into a bit of light, because if she actually made the statement to someone (without the Lanza’s permission) that then reported it, she may have violated the law.

        As far as school shootings… well… without getting way too stupid-lengthy as to my background, or anything, I vaguely stated on here before that I’ve studied, worked and written in (but would make zero claim of “expertise,” because I’m not a pompous doucher) the subjects of, among other things, sexual predators, internet predators (and internet crime, in general), serial/spree killing, abnormal/forensic psychology (to just generalize it, all), differential diagnosis, etc. since roughly 1996 (though my interest in most of the subjects far predate this)… and in a strange twist of fate, I lived with a girl that hid in a closet at Columbine High School during the ’99 shootings (she grew up a street away from Eric Harris in Littleton and knew him personally, as well). Though I’ve never personally officially “worked” any high-profile school shootings, it’s far from “my first rodeo.”

        It should be made clear that I’ve never stated that even the possibility of Adam Lanza having Asperger bears responsibility for these shootings taking place, though from what I’ve been able to glean, I am inclined to believe that he did suffer from it and it did play a (but in no way the only) factor… and that it was not nearly his only issue.

        Okay… there… now I said it. lol

        Hope this clears up a little “where I’m coming from” on this, all.

      • Neil says:

        I have citizenship in more than one country including America but for those nationalists who identify as American I like to point out that the American experiment isn’t working and that it would be better to abandon one’s mythologies and be more critical of the system. I am inclined to ask why you are fascinated with American serial/mass killers? For me, I have seen a common thread with all of them. Societal disconnect with grandiose hope transitioning into grandiose despair. Call in the expert analysts and they will all give lip service to mental illness. Even this cop killer is being diagnosed as mentally ill (by so called experts) only based upon his manifesto. But wouldn’t it be a shocker if the psychiatric community were to diagnose all believers of the bible as mentally ill.

        I simply do not value the field of psychiatry. I do value science and its investigative method however psychiatry is a pseudo religion. Having a young son diagnosed as autistic simply because he is a late talker has confirmed that society will pigeon hole anyone who isn’t the norm. It doesn’t matter that my son can look you in the eyes and smile naturally, who has no dysmorphic features, normal motor skills and by all appearances is quite normal, the fact that he wasn’t up to speed with his peers makes him by societies measure a write off. Todays write off diagnosis is “Autism”. It explains away any maladaptive behaviour. So I take absolute offence to people throwing the word around to explain why someone kills. Adam didn’t shoot up the school because of some behavioural tick. He planned this way in advance, just like all the other school shooters.

      • Tonus says:

        I think my interest in serial/spree killing first came to be with Charles Manson and David Berkowitz. Manson for his ability to manipulate and control those around him under the guise of “Jesus Christ” (and being a Beatles fan, it was just one of those things) and Berkowitz probably because he was the first person I had seen in my lifetime that I just went, “You’re kidding me, right?” From there, I think it just graduated to more of a general “why people think what they think and do what they do” kind of a thing. We’re not ever going to outright “know,” but we can discover clues, commonalities… we can try to decipher a little more of the mystery.

        “…Societal disconnect with grandiose hope transitioning into grandiose despair…”

        That seems to be a common thread among a lot of crime, in general, in everything from simple drug use to murder and lots of things in between… but there are so many other factors to consider. Every individual action has its own individual cause. Why does one person see something and become filled with joy while someone else sees the same and is filled with rage?

        I guess painting a picture can be really difficult if you only have stick figures to go by.

        I’m not a huge fan of “psychiatry,” either. I think it’s a somewhat flawed science (but what is without flaw, honestly?), not in its basis but in its execution.

        “…Having a young son diagnosed as autistic simply because he is a late talker has confirmed that society will pigeon hole anyone who isn’t the norm…”

        I realize you’re generalizing, here, but you do know that’s not how autism spectrum is diagnosed, right? It’s a little bit more complex than that with very observable data. I do think it’s become a bit of a “catchword” used by a lot of people outside the science world to explain away some type of abnormal behavior. To me though, personally, ADD/ADHD is still the “write-off diagnosis” of the time. All the research that is being/has been done hasn’t really yielded a whole lot of valuable information (I do believe the condition exists in some form, but in massively less numbers than what is currently being diagnosed).

      • Tonus says:

        I was reading your reply, again, and I thought I should say that what I’ve done hasn’t been out of any particular “fascination…” and I have in no way limited myself to American criminals. Some of the more intriguing cases to me are actually not Americans (Chikitilo, John Wayne Glover, John Bunting, Bernardo/Homolka, Volker Eckert, Anders Breivik,. Yang Xinhai, Clifford Olson), and I’ve done work regarding sex offenders like Dolly Dunn, Michael Porter, Dennis Ferguson, George Cockerill, Wolfgang Priklopil, etc., who weren’t Americans. My dealings haven’t shown much difference in the motives, backgrounds or otherwise from their American counterparts, honestly.

        Human beings are human beings, wherever you go… and some of them along the way are just plain messed up.

      • Neil says:

        Before you cast stones and say people are messed up, I suggest you do some soul searching and come to terms with your own fascination with serial killers. Your intrigue may very well be a projection of a fantasy that you yourself could be one of them. I am sure you have asked yourself the question, “could I do this”? If given certain traumatic circumstances in your life, taking someone else’s life may not be all that difficult. Many people have wondered why the Germans as a nation seemed so complicit to targeting a small group of people called the jews and with extreme prejudice desired their eradication. The present historical consensus was that the Germans did this out of contempt. What isn’t written in the main stream history books is the fact that the Germans did this out of fear for their own survival. There was a book written in America by a jew named Theodore N. Kaufman. The book was titled “Germany must Perish”. Kaufman’s fervent proposal for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population was given respectful attention in the American press, including reviews in a number of newspapers. A review in the weekly Time magazine, March 24, 1941, called Kaufman’s plan a “sensational idea.” This book although not in wide distribution in America was widely distributed throughout Germany. Every German at that time was aware of this book. The Nazi party made sure of this. It was the genocidal imaginations of a jew in America that would ironically seal the fate of his own people in Germany.

      • Tonus says:

        “Before you cast stones and say people are messed up, I suggest you do some soul searching and come to terms with your own fascination with serial killers. Your intrigue may very well be a projection of a fantasy that you yourself could be one of them.”

        You’ve done it, again… you’ve provided me with another laugh. Always a good thing.
        For someone that puts no validity in psychiatry, you sure do like to pretend to practice it, here and there (see above, as well as half a dozen or so other places in these comments).

        I thought I clarified that it wasn’t really so much a “fascination” (you seem to give that word a negative connotation), it’s “an interest” and “a job.” A job that I enjoy, as challenging and heart-breaking as it can be, sometimes. All it “may very well be” is a desire to try to better understand the workings of the human (typically criminal) mind and potentially help and protect some people along the way. Outside of the typical parental death and maybe getting dumped by a girlfriend or two, I think I’m pretty traumatic-event-free (well, there was that one time when I was a kid and my friends locked me in the basement and stole all my fireworks). A majority of my life is filled with things that have nothing to do with criminals and crime. One would probably be better-suited to say I am more “fascinated” with things like music, computers, old movies, cooking, automobiles, astronomy and Kate Beckinsale than serial killers and internet predators… I’m just told I’m good at it.

        As to the rest of your rant regarding a Jewish person’s desire to see Germany sterilized… I just scratch my head and think, “Hmm… okay. I’ve seen a lot worse out of people, but… okay.”

        I stand by my statement. Some people are just messed up.

        We now return you to your regularly scheduled topic of discussion… Adam Lanza and the motive(s) behind the Sandy Hook shootings.

      • Neil says:

        Sorry for my rant on why the Germans felt a justification to fear the Jewish population. I assume you are Jewish and I meant no disrespect.

      • krinkle442 says:

        Last time I checked, I wasn’t remotely Jewish… but I don’t think Hitler and his fellow Nazis based their final solution on the rantings of a sole, bigoted American Jew, really. Did it make for good “publicity?” Yeah, but I think their perspective was a little broader than pinning it all down on one guy’s thoughts. Hemmingway said the same thing, but they didn’t seem to give him or his people a lot of Hell about it. Besides, Germany was executing Jews quite a few years before Kaufman’s work was published in 1941.

        With regards to the claim that Kaufman “sealed Jewish people’s fate,” or whatever:
        … it has been pointed out that while the book was a welcome piece of propaganda, its actual impact on Nazi genocide policies was not notable, and that (controversial German nationalist philosopher and historian Ernst) Nolte regards the radical views of a single American Jew as representative of all Jewish people worldwide.

        My head-scratch came at the relevance of what it had to do with Adam Lanza, why he felt the need to do what he did, spree killing in general, or much of anything regarding what people have been commenting on…

        …but you have your reasons… so be it.

      • Neil says:

        “not remotely Jewish”, there is emphasis in that adjective which tells me of your need to establish distance. Hey I don’t blame you. I can’t help but take issue with this culture of people, the only people I remind you that from the dawn of recorded history have called themselves “chosen”. This self determination at its core is the essence of racial supremacy. So I find it extremely difficult to take seriously any claim of victimhood this people wish to make. In fact, having known quite a few self professing Jews I can say from experience that most of them are beyond help in understanding why they are despised. My grandfather as a British war veteran once told me the only good German was a dead German but half smiled in realization of what he said and then quickly told me to forget it. This moment of pause is the virtue of noble grace, something I do not see whatsoever in the Jewish people.

        As for your head scratch moment. The relevance of this piece of history is to point out two things. One, that history will always record what favors the victors and that for the most part we should always take with a grain of salt what is stated as fact and understand that history is continually being revised by new evidence. And two, that why someone can write off another human being is only a matter of programming. I know I am going to get flak for saying this but if Adam Lanza didn’t spend two years cooped up in his mom’s basement playing violent video games these kids would be alive today. I place way more value on the fragile mind than I do on the superficial exposure to the means of one’s actions, i.e. the guns themselves. And this is a testament to the current cultural mindset, that it is dismissive of introspection and prone to objectifying all problems. This mindset is quite frankly a disease.

      • Tonus says:

        “not remotely Jewish”, there is emphasis in that adjective which tells me of your need to establish distance.

        A misquote, actually, out of context… the key being, “The last time I checked, I wasn’t…” which tells me of my need to make light of an apparent accusation otherwise (obvious antisemitism, aside). For someone that denounces psychiatry, you sure do like to pretend at it a lot. Again, always good for a laugh.

        I know I am going to get flak for saying this but if Adam Lanza didn’t spend two years cooped up in his mom’s basement playing violent video games these kids would be alive today.

        Well, my personal opinion is there’s really no way of knowing… the millions of people (adolescents and beyond) that play violent video games just as long (many of which also remain “cooped up in basements” for inappropriate amounts of time with virtually no exposure to the outside world) as Adam Lanza did that never do anything remotely as violent (or anything violent, at all)… and the people that never played violent video games that have done equally-violent things (see Charles Whitman, James Pough, George Hennard, Wirjo, Campo Delgado, Christian Dornier, Michael Ryan, Woo Bum-Kon, and other non-spree killers like Bundy, Gacy, Gein, Starkweather, etc.). There’s so much grey area to still be fleshed out when it comes to a link to violence from exposure to video games or other types of violent imagery.

        I’d be more interested to know things like Adam’s MAO and seratonin levels, amygdal and limbic activity (which will never be known)… what variant of the MAO-A gene he had (which can be, and likely was determined). There’s a variant that predisposes people to aggression – many killers possess this gene, but so do many of people that have never committed an act of violence. The converse is also true, but there is a link to the gene and recipients having less grey matter, particularly in the prefrontal cortex, the place in the brain where things like emotions are processed and social activity and motivation are regulated.

        There’s actually some rather interesting studies on the heredity of the MAO-A gene and ancestral violence, as well.

        I think, though, when people want to bring up the “nature versus nurture” thing (which they always will and rightly so), ultimately it comes down to a mixture of both… the nuances of the mixture will hopefully become a bit clearer in time.

      • Neil says:

        As a father of a diagnosed autistic son I have poured over brain research to no avail. Our understanding of the brain right now is quite rudimentary. The only brain researcher worth mentioning is Jaak Panksepp and his contribution to the field of affective neuroscience should put him among histories greatest. But because he is somewhat a loner in this field he won’t be appreciated until modern day psychology is replaced. Jaak in my opinion makes the Freud of his time look like a school boy. Freud was a product of his ethnic/cultural upbringing, the cultural upbringing I very much despise and do believe is disease like in its manifestations. Its what I call a trophy culture and appeals solely to exploitation. If you have an aptitude for brain research, follow the work of Mr. Panksepp. It will not be a waste of your time.

  3. ludwig says:

    this is bogus

    • Please explain why this is bogus. It explains everything, unless you are defending pedophiles or the Catolic church.

      • Dave Jenkins says:

        It is manufactured BS fed to the gullible.

      • What part is manufactured? All of it is based on proven online news sites.

      • Biffa says:

        I don’t see evidence that Adam Lanza, then aged 6-9, ever came into unsupervised contact with this pedophile priest. Without that, he wasn’t a likely victim. Not that it doesn’t happen, but I don’t think it was common for parents to leave a child that young with a priest, even if the parent trusted the adult very well. Note this was just after the more recent spate of priest sex abuse scandals broke into the media so there was some awareness of the risk. Most people who go to church don’t have a relationship with their priest that is that close. So, possible, but not enough evidence so far.

      • There is no proof yet, but he was a very likely victim. This was in 1998, before the Catholic church was caught with 4,392 substantiated, accused priests that they admitted in their own (voluntary) John Jay report of 2004.

        Groups of kids were always left at Catholic functions, and pedophile predators like Fr Castaldo would pick out the quietest, the weakest, and the least likely to talk. Adam Lanza was the perfect victim for a Catholic priest.

    • Cindy says:

      Adam was Asperger’s (or schizotypal or early onset schizophrenic) and they always have a difficult time forming emotional bonds. Serial pedophiles form emotional bonds with their victims (so they won’t tattle on them) and THEN they abuse them. That priest was likely a serial abuser as several kids have sued him and the RC Church over his sicko actions.

      This priest appears to have had a sicko interested in prepubescent males (other victims were 14 and 13 -large enough to be the size of a woman and still hairless-this is a very common factor in most of the priest molestation case studies showing they were likely situational pedophiles inappropriately seeking sexual outlets and emotional bonds…. and why, in my worthless opinion, the Roman Catholic priesthood must allow married men to be ordained). Adam was allegedly abused when he was six and wouldn’t have interested an ephebophile .

      • I just don’t believe that.

        You’re telling me that just because this child raping priest normally raped 13 and 14 year olds, that he wouldn’t have tried to have sex with a 6 or 7 year old who had a condition that made him unlikely to talk? I’m just not buying it. I think he would have had sex with any child that he knew he could get away with having sex with, like thousands and thousands of other priests in the USA that were caught.

  4. Beverly Stockton says:

    Interesting theory

  5. Mike says:

    Or he could have been saving the 6 year olds from being raped by the Catholic priests.

    • A possibility. There’s no question his mind had been twisted and he had become insane, and we may never know what he was thinking.

      This theory just shows a likely scenario for WHY he went insane.

  6. Bala Dasa says:

    All this explains (very well by the way) is why Adam made the perfect patsy, used by a faction of the most powerful organized crime rings on the planet.


    After reading that article, then research the scores of major inconsistencies in the information given to the media by “official sources” from the first hours of the event through the following days, in addition to the bizarre behavior of many interviewed during that time.

    The area is steeped in evil.

  7. scmaize says:

    You have absolutely no evidence that anything of the sort ever happened to Adam Lanza, so this article is completely irresponsible. You seem waaay too interested in imagining things about sexual assault. Don’t take advantage of a terrible tragedy to try to find a public outlet for your fantasies.

    • All the evidence is right there, with pointers to legitimate news sources.

      Another proven Catholic pedophile just coincidentally happened to be in Adam’s parish when Adam moved there at 6 years old. Adam was the perfect victim for another serial pedophile priest. The pedophile knew he would never have said anything, like most victims.

      Adam only saw the world online, and saw Catholics like you defending the pedophiles and the church instead of the victims. It is the perfect motive.

  8. peridot2 says:

    Adam Lanza’s personal psychological issues are much better explained by his Asperger’s Syndrome than by this conspiracy theory.

    This is a witch hunt attempt to blame a mass murder on the Catholic Church. Without actual evidence to support this other than *coincidence*, none of this can be true.

    • Wrong. Asperger’s is not a violent disease.

      You’re Catholic, so you don’t seek the turth, and you do protect pedophiles and money at all costs. We know.

      There isn’t a single hole in the motive, and all the evidence is supported by facts and online verifiable pointers.

      God gives you no credit for hiding the truth, but you have at least made a conscious choice, alonside the world’s largest pedophile protection program, and the world’s richest private institution. God remembers, and doesn’t forgive as easily as the Catholic church, with their “invention” of confession.

      • J.P. Travis says:

        “There isn’t a single hole in the motive” but there isn’t a single bit of actual evidence either.

      • Then you dont know the meaning of the word “evidence”. There is circumstantial evidence that explains everything, and it is the only explanation that explains everything, but just like every child rape case, there is no actual proof. The Catholic church taught the world that there is no proof of child rape.

      • krinkle442 says:

        ev·i·dence [ev-i-duhns] noun, verb, ev·i·denced, ev·i·denc·ing.
        1. that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.
        2. something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever.
        3. Law. data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

        circumstantial evidence
        proof of facts offered as evidence from which other facts are to be inferred (contrasted with direct evidence).
        Also called indirect evidence.

        Fact: A priest that was later convicted of molesting children worked at a church in Newtown, Connecticut
        Fact: At some currently unknown point, the Lanza’s attended said church

        (these two things appear to be the only relevant facts to this issue)

        Inference drawn: the priest raped Adam Lanza

      • krinkle442 says:

        I will stand down on addressing the statement, “…but just like every child rape case, there is no actual proof,” as its actual factual basis is rather self-evident.

  9. Maria says:

    The Catholic Church should file court papers in its defense. Person who wrote this knows that so many people will believe in this nonsense and think that this really happened, therefore, he/she should be responsible for making false statements. Some people just enjoy when they throw dirt on Catholic Church and it’s sad that they use even such a big tragedy as Newtown to blame Catholic Church for wrong doing. And by the way, sexual abuse has happened in other, not only Christian oriented, places..

    • Typical Catholic response. Blame other churches or institutions, even though the Catholic church is BY FAR the world’s largest pedophile protection program. Point at others just like a 5 year old child would do, and that distraction actually works on Catholics.

      Catholic never did What Jesus Would Do, which would have been to get psycological help for the children that were raped by their priests. Those poor children thought they were raped by Christ on earth, and Catholics defended the child rapists and defended their money instead of defending the child rape victims.

      Adam Lanza was a 6 year old that moved into a parish that had a known, proven, convicted pedophile priest, and Lanza was a quiet kid, probably with Autism. He was the perfect target for a serial pedophile.

      You’d be defending the priest right now (as your bishops have taught you to do) except that

      This motive has no holes, and if it’s correct, whether proven on this earth or not, Catholics who defended their pedophiles and fought the victims are all responsible for driving Adam insane. God will be the judge eventually, and may He show no mercy to Catholics, who chose money and rapists instead of children.

    • jj says:

      When did any one make any false statements? and what sicko would in this day and age think a Catholic priest wouldn’t molest a child or put it past then to. why do you think a priest these days even becomes a priest for in the first place, its not for the holy bread or to be able hook up with nuns. No its because they are home that like kids, same as boy scout leaders and basball coachs. which are all gay activities in the first place. Well foot ball i even gayer then baseball but its still about a bunch of males touching each others balls and male latent homosexual aggression.

  10. I am so sad,for all they’ll all victims :-(:-( thank you Neil.

  11. Adam would never be alone with a priest. He was way to uncomfortable and it’s doubtful, from everything that’s been reported, that Nancy would have let him be ALONE with a stranger.

    • That’s BS. Catholics always leave groups of children with priests, even if it is at school or Sunday school, and as the Philadelphia Grand Jury report showed, these Catholic pedophile priests don
      t think twice about taking a kid out of class or between classes or during lunch, taking them somewhere to rape them, and then returning them. They usually say they are disciplining or helping them, and the other priests say nothing.

      Adam was such an easy target for another one of these predators.

  12. Jane says:

    Days after this horrific event occured, Adam Lanza’s father was interviewed on-air by Dr. Phil. In this conversation, it was disclosed that Adam was being sexually abused up to the time he committed this autrocity. Dr. Phil said…”In fact, Adam was raped the night before he did this crime. Isn’t that correct?”…And the father replied…”Yes”….(The conversation ended there)

  13. TM says:

    You are as much of a kook as Lanza!

    • Graet response from a guy named “Creeper” You think a 6th grader doesn’t remember the date that he was raped? You don’t think that he thinks about that day every second for the rest of his life?

      If you don’t, you’re Catholic.

  14. Angelica says:

    If it is not proven that Adam Lanza was actually one of these victims, where did you get this information?

  15. Tom Smith says:

    You point to an article that says they went to a church where this priest was. It states a church in another town NOT Newtown. You have made no connection there at all.

  16. ifeelbadforallconcerned says:

    What I don’t understand is why Nancy Lanza went on a mini vacation for two days and left Adam home alone, if he had “problems” and was not “normally developed”? I have two grown children in their twentys, and there is no way at ANY age that I would ever have taken off and left them like that. Maybe Adam felt alone, afraid and abandoned once again and it was his way of getting back at her?

  17. Possible, but it wouldn’t explain why he specifically targeted the 6 year olds.

  18. Susan says:

    It is an ok theory but it doesn’t hold up simply because those who have been abused will tell you that the animosity is not towards other victims. If he was abused by a priest, he would have killed a priest, not children.

    • How arrogant of you to think that you can determine what an insane, autistic person with Asperger’s would do if they were raped by a Catholic priest at age 6 and lived a life with no friends and no guidance. I have talked to plenty of people that have been abused by Catholic priests, and they all react differently, but they are all incredibly angry and confused at points in their life, and justifiably so.

  19. fe203 says:

    Thanks for your eye opening and clarifying input, why. Your theory has the ring of truth, which separates it from all others so far. Spot on.

  20. Sam Juliano says:

    It’s admittedly persuasive, but still it’s speculation. Perhaps at some point when the investigation is complete we will know if this did indeed come into play. I was raised Catholic, and my five kids are receiving their sacraments, but I am hardly devout, and just saw a superb documentary at NYC’s Film Forum about two months ago titled MEA MAXIMA CULPA: SILENCE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD, which concerns a serial pedaphile priest who preyed on boys in a school for the deaf. I am a veteran teacher and my wife is a school principal. You have put all the pieces together here and we just need the final confirmation, which may well materialize. Nice work.

    • The concern, of course, is that one of the investigators finds it, and hides it because they are Catholic, or one of their superiors hides the evidence because they are Catholic, following the clear example of all of the Catholic leaders.

      The Mea Culpa show is only about one of the 4,392 substantiated, accused, pedophile priests that the Catholic church admitted in their own John Jay report of 2004. Never let your 5 children alone near any Catholic priests.

      It may be tough to prove that Fr Castaldo raped Adam Lanza when he was 6, but its almost impossible to believe that a serial child rapists would skip the opportunity to rape the quiet, autistic new 6 year old in town that he knew would never talk.

  21. Gabi says:

    To everyone who said that his internet browser history needs to be examined, well it was. They couldn’t find anything because Adam knew exactly what to do to make sure the hard drive was wiped clean of any information regarding his plans. Just saying.

    • You’re wrong.

      Even if he destroyed his hard drive, his Internet service provider has a log of the sites that he went to, and if he had free email accounts or any other online accounts, they could find out a lot about him. In addition, every web site has a log of the people that go to that site.

      So they can find out a LOT if they look. Just saying.

      • Tonus says:

        It is a possibility that he may have been using something along the lines of Tor or perhaps just proxied browsing (he was known to be very tech-savvy and nowadays, anyone with a little bit of knowledge can easily “cover their tracks” with a little effort), in which case, his ISP wouldn’t be able to provide authorities with any details as to where he was going on the Web.
        While I don’t have the hard drives in front of me, if they are as “badly damaged” as claimed and depending on the types of drive (HDD/SSD), it may never be known.

      • However, every web site has a log of the people that visit that web site through their IP address. If he visited gmail, or hotmail, or any cloud backup site, or any of those sites, those sites would know about it, and could look at his data, as long as they knew his IP address.

      • Tonus says:

        Not if he is using a Tor client or some type of proxied browsing, in general… his actual IP would not show up in any logs, anywhere. While some place like Gmail or the like would have data on when the account was accessed and the contents of emails and such (which in itself could provide some information), they wouldn’t be able to tie the access physically to his computers.
        Again, I don’t know if this was the case, or anything… I’m just saying that someone with the experience Adam Lanza was known to have could easily get around internet protocol.

      • Again – here’s my leap. I think a horny guy (pedophile priest in this case) in a small town, who has a chance with the ideal victim, would pass it up.

        There’s no proof yet, but it explains EVERYTHING.

      • Sure, but I’m guessing he didn’t know enough or care enough to cover his tracks completely. Just my guess.

        I think he destroyed his computer because he was in a rage, or saw something on the computer that made him explode.

      • Tonus says:

        I actually think he was very smart and quite capable of covering whatever tracks he felt he needed to (Tor doesn’t require much except a free, preconfigured download). Again, though, it’s just another “if” and then “why” in a bit of a long line of ’em.
        But yeah, if I were to venture a guess, I would say there was a bullet or three put into his computer… like you said, perhaps just a general “rage factor.” Why is anyone’s guess, but it’s not that big of a stretch to think that his mother wasn’t the only thing he shot up in that house.

        While I’m not really “on board” with your idea on why this stuff happened (yet), at least you’re not one of those whackadoo conspiracy theorists talking paid actors, no bodies, government gun-grabbing hoax crap.

      • Neil says:

        I am doing my own research with the Sandy Hook townspeople to find out if anyone actually met Adam in the last three years. Anyone care to help me on this?

      • Anything is possible, and I’d just like to see a full investigation and know the truth.

  22. Neil says:

    They already autopsied Adam Lanza’s brain. Perfectly normal. Which would rule out Autism, Aspergers, and Schizophrenia. All photos on the web show what looks like a deranged kid. However there are some rare blog photos that show him looking quite normal and they do look recent.

    I am suspicious he was sexually abused given that a grade five classmate of his highlighted how Adam nearly threw up after watching an in class sex education video. This is around the time his mother pulled him from Sandy Hook. Could this have been the traumatic event? Did his classmates laugh at him when this event took place? And then he was pulled from school.

    Also could what he had hidden on his hard drive be sexual in nature. Something he was ashamed of so he had to destroy the hard drive?
    Maybe his mother knew about the sexual child abuse all along, hence the need to overprotect the house with guns. Was the secret with her that he was raped by a man and why she needed to raise him to be more masculine. What if she found out that he was sexually interested in men? It could have been the breaking point between them given the trauma of his early abuse. Instead of accepting Adam she runs away from him. When she gets home from her retreat she may not have talked to him and went right to bed, further enraging him.

    • Do you have sources for the autopsy, sex ed video, etc?

      My guess is that the mother never knew he was raped by the priest.

      I think he was getting more enraged all last year as priests and bishops are all getting protected by the Catholic church for raping children and protecting pedophiles. His mother threatens to put him in an institution, and he is afraid of ever being touched, so he kills her, then gets revenge on all of the parents of 6 year olds.

      All they have to do is check logs of web sites about Catholic child rape, especially when Catholics defend it, minimize it, or publicly mock the victims, and they’ll know he was raped by Fr John Castaldo or one of the other pedophiles in that church.

      • Neil says:

        Sex Ed video link http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2012/12/18/adam-lanza-sandy-hook-student/1777525/

        Brain Autopsy Adam Lanza http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/lanza-brain-appears-normal-conn-doctor-article-1.1238602

        Mothers are sometimes in denial with pedophiles and their kids. If the boy was given more attention, especially a very introverted boy, the mother feels thankful that her boy was befriended. I grew up in the protestant denomination and there were pedophiles that preyed on young isolated boys even there. Although catholic priests are now more scrutinized, there is a large segment of the society that pedophiles are drawn to. Examples – public schools, sports teams, scouts, children’s aid societies. Since Adam targeted the school, I would wonder if the trauma started there. Also this could have been the turning point for where he felt his life was from then on disconnected. If he hates his mother and the people in that town, the school might be the target of his hate because it was very symbolic to him. There could be resentment that his life was not normal or happy from then on. Also if his brother had kept his life long friends from that school, Adam could be resentful of his brother’s success this way.

        This morning something dawned on me that may have had an effect on Adam from a media point of view. In one of the Star Wars movies a young Darth Vader massacres a class room of six year old Jedi’s. Before that he massacres a village over the torture and death of his mother. Adam Lanza’s mother was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease. He shot her while she slept and not while she was awake. One wonders if his mothers death was a mercy killing. From her death came the rage.

      • Great research on the links.

        There are a few things that makes Catholic pedophile priest rape so much worse than any of the others (besides the fact that they admitted 4% of their priests in the US were pedophiles, which is much larger than any institution in history).

        One is that Catholics support and defend the child rapists. In fact, the Catholic League called the victims of Catholic child rape “crybabys”. Imagine being raped by a priest at 6 years old, having nightmares your whole life, and Catholic leaders call you a crybaby??

        Here’s that link, equipped with a picture of a crying baby http://www.catholicleague.org/boston-victims-summit-bombs/

        Another is that Catholics will pay anything to protect those that helped or protected the pedophiles. For instance, in Philly last year, a priest named Msgr Lynn admitted in court that he destroyed evidence about 35 known pedophiles in 1994. A Catholic Cardinal ordered the destruction of the evidence, and 2 bishops also knew. Catholics then spent $11 MILLION to keep Lynn out of jail, when any normal people would have wanted him in jail forever.

      • Neil says:

        From what I gather on what you say, the Catholic Church has institutionalized or turned a blind eye on pedophilia. The gravity of this type of behaviour is deemed inconsequential, a sort of misstep if you will. In the mind of a pedophile, I would assume the justification for this behaviour is similar. Its like the guy at the bar who after a few drinks grabs a girls behind. He says, hey I was drunk, no big deal, blame the alcohol, not me. The Catholic Priest says, hey I was tempted by sin, no big deal, blame the sin, not the sinner. The Catholic church is downplaying the crime. Obviously no one threatens their power or provides serious consequences for these crimes. Otherwise the church would be purging their ranks of these criminals.

        If Adam was seeking revenge against the Church and the pedophile priest you named it obviously isn’t very direct. I would be inclined to believe he acted out of hate for the people of the town and struck a blow by targeting their children. Sandy Hook was not a Catholic school. It was a secular school and maybe this is what he hated about it. I wonder in a town of 20,000 people how many junior public schools they had. If there were others then there would be a reason why he targeted this one. Also, since his father remarried a school librarian, maybe he resented teachers over all. Over all I feel Adam felt he was worthless compared to his successful father and brother who abandoned him. When his mother abandoned him it was the final straw.

      • FIrst of all, Adam had gone insane, so his actions don’t have to follow what any logical person would think. Catholic defenders have said, “then he should have targeted priests”. However, if you’ve gone insane, and you want revenge, you can kill more children than adults, and they’re right there at the school.

        More than half of those kids were children of Catholic parents, so if he wanted revenge against Catholic parents, he got it.

        The Catholic church has more than turned a blind eye to pedophilia. They have hid pedophiles, moved pedophiles, lied about it, protected the pedophiles, and bullied the victims. Adam could have seen all of that thru the Internet, become insane because if it, and accomplished his revenge against the Catholic parents of 6 year olds who supported the Catholic church.

      • Neil says:

        I don’t buy into the insanity theory. If I did then I would have to be fair and say that all religious people are insane and therefore should be committed to institutions. Imagine how many institutions would have to be built. Adam was socially disconnected and suicidal. There are a lot of kids out there who likely feel the same way Adam did. Adam was imprisoned in a elitist culture where it was imposed upon him to be successful. That if he wasn’t a somebody then he was a nobody. A pedophilia incident would surely fan the flames of discontent but I believe it was a sense of entitlement and abandonment that was the driving force for the killings. His hatred came from his sense of injustice for not being pampered enough. His withdrawal was a passive aggressive attack that he learned had worked on his mother for getting what he wanted. When it wasn’t working he lashed out in a baby like tantrum, knowing full well that to hurt other people would be to hurt their children. As oversensitive as he was himself he knew exactly how to hurt others the most. This is not insanity. This is cold blooded hatred of all that was his life and cold blooded revenge for everyone else.

      • Anything is possible. I think people underestimate the psycological damage that is done to a 6 year old boy when he is raped (and he thinks he is being anally stabbed to death) by “Christ on earth”, since that is what Catholic priests call themselves.

        It would be mentally worse than being stabbed to death by Santa Claus or Spiderman, and you spend every moment of your childhood trying to deal with that moment. It would cause insanity. Just another opinion.

        Of course, the teachings og the Catholic church are that chid rape in God’s name shoudl be hidden, the child rapists should be protected, and the victims should be bullied.

    • Tonus says:

      I seem to have missed this comment in reading the others, I guess, but…
      Last time I checked, autism spectrum/Asperger/etc. cannot be detected in a non-living brain. Upon the verification by the family therapist that Adam suffered from Asperger, I’d probably be inclined to stick with this…
      When they examined his brain, they were likely looking for some sort of organic damage, or the like.

      • Neil says:

        I really have to question your need to make asperger syndrome an excuse for suicidal and sociopathic behaviour. To be fair you should also say that homosexuality is an excuse to kill as well. Why don’t people say Adam killed because he was a homosexual instead of saying Adam killed because he had Aspergers. Knowing both people with Aspergers and people who are homosexual, I would say that homosexuals are more likely to kill than people with aspergers.

  23. Tonus says:

    Hi… I just wanted to drop in and leave a little comment.
    What you are proposing here is rather interesting… but it should be noted that what you are proposing here is just a “hypothesis” and not a “theory.” Theories can be shown to be true by evidence. While you offer a lot of “substantiation” for a claim to be made, all of the links, etc. are not actual “proof” of the claim.
    ->”The Lanza’s lived in Newtown.”
    ->”This priest worked in Newtown.”
    ->”The priest was a pedophile and has attacked children.”
    ->”The Lanza’s went to this church where the priest worked.”
    ->”Adam Lanza fit the characteristics of the children the priest abused.”
    I can accept those statements. The “leap” is made when these facts are used in a way to promote the hypothesis without corroboration:
    ->”Therefore, since all of the above are true, Adam Lanza must have also been another rape victim of the priest.”
    I’m not trying to knock you, or anything… because it’s a very interesting thought… and also very possible. You have clearly put a lot of work into this “angle.” I’m just saying it can’t be proven at this point, given the evidence, that Adam Lanza was, in fact, raped by this, or any other, priest. Therefore, it is just hypothesis.
    Good luck with your continuing investigation and if word ever comes out that Adam Lanza was raped by this priest, I’ll know where I heard it, first.
    Thanks for your time.

    • I guess I consider theory, hypothesis, guess, potential explanation, making a case, to all be synonyms in this context. After reading the dictionary, which says theory is

      1. a system of rules, procedures, and assumptions used to produce a result
      2. abstract knowledge or reasoning
      3. a speculative or conjectural view or idea I have a theory about that

      I think it is a theory, although hypothesis may be better.

      Here’s the leap – there’s no way a serial, convicted pedophile, who admitted he had a sexual sickness, and was caught in an FBI sting operation, went 2 years without raping this child, who was the perfect victim. Horny guys with no morals don’t go two years without sex if its easy, especially if they are Catholic priests and can make it all disappear witha 15 minute confession.

      It just so happens that the rape explains everything else, and it also explains why a Catholic policeman would destroy evidence about it.

      • Tonus says:

        He *may have*, indeed, been raped by this priest… but until it could be proven, it’s not a fact that he was and it’s hard to justify saying, “there’s no way he didn’t.” There could have been another victim(s), instead. Perhaps one more more “attractive” to the priest, or one more willing to cooperate, even. “A” child, yeah… I could go along with that as highly probable… but “this” child, in particular, is a much harder conclusion to firmly reach.
        Again, not a refutation of your claim, or anything… but there’s a LOT of possibilities.

  24. Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a stuff! present here at this webpage, thanks admin of this web site.

  25. krinkle442 says:

    Interesting tidbits of information gleaned, recently:

    When Adam was still living in New Hampshire, family friends had been “warned” by the Lanza’s that Adam “didn’t like to be touched.” NOT that this would serve to totally discount the Connecticut priest-rape hypothesis, or anything, but… it does kind of throw another bit of a monkey wrench into it, anyway.

    “Don’t do an ‘atta-boy’ thing or shake his hand or go ‘way to go, brother,’ ” Marvin Lafontaine quotes Nancy as advising him, adding that Adam would get angry if other kids touched him as well.

    After they had moved to Connecticut, at some point during Adam’s time at Sandy Hook Elementary, Nancy had emailed Lafontaine and told him that Adam had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (formerly known in some circles as Sensory Integration Dysfunction). I could more scientifically define what that is, but it is basically just what it says – a failure to properly process a lot of the different kinds of stimuli.

    Wendy Wipprecht, who had an autistic son in Adam’s first grade class at Sandy Hook, says that at that time, Nancy had spoken to her about concern over whether Adam may have a similar disorder as her son, but was unaware of any diagnoses that may have existed at that time, nor was Nancy present at any of the support groups that Wipprecht attended.

    Then, in middle school, he was diagnosed with Asperger.

    So, we have Ryan Lanza, Marsha Lanza, Richard Novia, Paula Levy, Marvin Lafontaine, an unidentified Lanza family member (who has apparently refused to do any face-to-face interviews with reporters and the like, opting to only talk via email (take that for what it’s worth, I guess)) all saying pretty much the same thing. Would I consider any of this to be gospel? Nah, but there seems to be a bit more of an attestment to the fact that he had Asperger than he didn’t (I actually can’t find anything, anywhere, saying he didn’t).

    Adam also apparently did not attend St. Rose of Lima Catholic School until after he was pulled out of middle school at Sandy Hook. After middle school, he attended Newtown High School for two years before being pulled out of there and homeschooled, also attending classes at Western Connecticut State University (records seem to reflect that he stopped taking classes there sometime between Spring and Fall, ’09).

    There are a few documentaries scheduled to air this week that may shed some more light on things. One of them contains a rather lengthy interview with one of our commenter’s “prime rape suspects,” Richard Novia. It is an interesting piece, though I think that he may have overstepped himself a little in trying to make a link between the video games Adam was playing and the violent act he ultimately committed. It may or may not be true in Adam’s case (and we’ll likely never know one way or the other), but there’s still a lot of research to be done on that subject and how it affects different types of brains, but without a little corroboration to his statements, Novia is there, kind of just standing alone, stating yet another opinion. There’s a NOVA documentary upcoming that will tackle some of the differences in people’s brains that may lead to these kinds of things. It will be interesting.

    • Interesting, and I just hope the police find out the truth. I’d want them to interrogate Fr Castaldo.

      Adam may not have gone to St Rose of Lima school, but he was a part of that parish, where Castaldo was a proven predator. The question is whether Castaldo raped him, and I will still maintain that there’s no way a proven child rapist (who admitted, under oath, his “sexual sickness”) would have missed a chance to rape the kid that would definitely never say anything or would never be believed.

      When are these other shows? Do you know times and stations?

  26. krinkle442 says:

    I still am interested in knowing if he was even at the church while Castaldo was there. I’ve not heard when the family started attending there, let alone that a kid that would “get angry” when people touched him would have ever been in a situation there to be alone with him. Still a bit of a “who knows?”

    The shows… there’s stuff going on on PBS all week about Sandy hook and stuff… some directly related to Adam and some others more dedicated to gun issues and stuff… Frontline on Tuesday night at 10 EST (preceded but a show at 9 about gun control referencing Sandy Hook and Aurora and the like) and then NOVA on Wednesday (I forget the time) regarding the minds of killers, or more precisely, spree/rage killers. There’s some other shows this week (though not necessarily documentary and the like). I’m sure PBS.org has a schedule?

    There’s also some information coming out about, according to her close friends, Nancy Lanza was planning on moving from Newtown, perhaps to Washington State (I think I’ve read something about that before but wasn’t sure as to the source)? It was described as being in the “advanced stages” of happening – she had sold her Red Sox season tix and everything (that’s some serious shit, right there). The prospect of moving could have added even more fuel to Adam’s fire, having to move clear across the country and such, perhaps even reaching a breaking point.

    • We do know that Castaldo was there from 1998-2001, for the 2+ years when Adam was 6-8 years old, in the parish that the Lanza’s belonged to.

      However, we obviously can’t prove Adam was naked in a room with Castaldo, and any Catholics that know will do everything in their power to hide the truth. That’s why an investigation is important.

      There was an article in the Hartford Courant int he last couple of days that had some of your Washington State info.

      • krinkle442 says:

        We do not know with any degree of certainty, at this point, when the Lanza’s began attending services at that church, though it could very well be that they attended their first services there the Sunday after they moved to Connecticut, as well.

        I do agree that an interview with Castaldo would probably be in order… just for the sake of thoroughness, if nothing else.

        The Frontline doc tonight was done with the help from the people at the Courant.

  27. phdivadom says:

    I don’t know if I am comfortable with the certainty with which this is written; I think it should have used more speculative phrasing. However, I do think that something “emotionally paralyzed” Adam when he was 6 or 7, which may be why he attacked children those ages. On some level, perhaps he saw them as peers because he may have felt that he was, himself, still a young child.

    I think the combination of neurological/severe mental health issues AND PTSD from sexual abuse at that age may be the most believable explanation that I have heard for his behavior; not one or the other, but both.

    • It wasn’t written to make people comfortable, but the facts can’t be denied.

      If you think Adam was intelligent (although insane) you have to wonder why he TARGETED that age group. It just so happens that he was the new kid in town at that age, and a known, convicted, admitted pedophile priest was there at the exact same time. THe priest even admitted a sexual sickness.

      How is it possible that this pedophile priest did not take advantage of the child that would never talk or never be believed?

      • krinkle442 says:

        It’s also very possible that he “targeted” those kids because they were the first classrooms inside the front door.
        Just sayin’…

    • krinkle442 says:

      Adam wouldn’t let anyone touch him pre-1998. Given that for his mother to go out of her way to warn people not to touch him, it would seem that it didn’t just happen overnight, but was the result of Adam repeatedly behaving in a manner that would prompt his parents to caution people in his company. As far as how long he had been behaving that way before Nancy Lanza pointed it out to Marvin Lafontaine (and when she actually mentioned it to him), the details aren’t exactly ironclad – it could have been a month before they moved to Connecticut, it could have been any number of years. He’d go on to be diagnosed with SPD (though he wasn’t officially diagnosed until after the move, symptoms were still clearly present long beforehand), which can be seen as a symptom of his later diagnosis of Asperger.(almost everyone with Asperger/autism have some form of SPD, but not everyone with SPD go on to be diagnosed with Asperger/autism).

      Anyhow, there were problems with Adam long before he came to Connecticut, so to limit some potential kind of trauma to after he moved would seem a bit too narrow in scope.

  28. creeper00 says:

    Yeah, right. Like a six-year-old is going to remember the date he was raped. This is nuts.

  29. figmentnewton says:

    Interesting, sorta. except that if Lanza first went to the High school with the intention of kill there but left when he saw that there was an armed resource officer present, it blows holes in that theory of shooting the elem. school psych and others of similar age (and religion) to his trauma.


    Also, he spent many hours and days alone, programming himself to kill. Anyone who is familiar with the work of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, knows that the destroying the barriers to taking a human’s life is through violent video game programming, especially of a child who’s brain is still pliable and if he was autistic, had neurological issues with empathy. (a state of zero empathy may be diagnosed as autistic, instead of psychopath or sociopath)


  30. Robert Mark says:

    It is interesting and not surprising that conspiracy oriented constructs fixate on sex, priests, cabals, Nazis, Jews, and more or less forget about the Elephant in the room . . . guns, the NRA, and gun manufacturers. Adam Lanza would just be a screwed up kid without the access to huge amounts of ammo, and a semi-assault rifle. Not to say he wouldn’t have been able to do harm, but not on this scale, and not so easily.

  31. Pat says:

    I feel strongly about this issue. Strong enough that I emailed the SNAPnetwork.org in January 2014 after some research of my own. I did not receive a reply.

    There are a number of theories thrown about as a result of the Sandy Hook Massacre, one of which is the possibilty that Adam Lanza was in fact a victim of pedophilia at the hands of a Catholic Priest (or minion of the church.)

    I did find that there were THREE high profile persons that were shuffled through St. Rose of Lima around the time Adam Lanza was a student there.

    I am not sure how to establish if Lanza was in fact associated with these persons, or if a lawsuit had been filed on his behalf. None of this is accusatory or first hand knowledge.

    Therefore, I leave the information to you-

    Rev. Charles Stubbs


    Rev. William Donovan


    Rev. John Castaldo



  32. Pat,

    Brilliant, breathtaking research.

    I got my start at bishops-accountability, and they didn’t have those two listed. If you give me your email address, maybe we can work together. Some friends of mine are computer whiz’s and they say that even if Adam Lanza destroyed his computer, if he visited Catholic child sex sites, those SITES would still have records of it.

    • Pat says:

      I had contacted Tremont & Sheldon after reading your blog. They are representing victims of ‘Rev’ Castaldo. Hopefully they will find the information useful. If there is merit, I’d like to see them sue the Church on behalf of Lanza’s victims.

      You can email me at tinkerer3@yahoo.com, I’ll send you my regular email address in a reply to that one. Too many anti-conspiracy nutballs here :). Personally, I’d like to find out the root cause of this massacre, and Connecticut lawmakers are doing everything in their power to prevent that from happening. That in itself is reason enough to question the official story.

      • Pat says:

        Tremont & Sheldon is suing for the victims of Charles Stubbs, my error above.

      • Pat says:


        This is the corrected Link on Stubbs, my original corrected link is awaiting moderation. Apparently replies are not moderated. This is the most damning evidence of all. 4 accusations against Stubbs, and the same bishop (egan) brings him right to St. Rose of Lima in 1997. When Adam Lanza was 6 years old, and attending that school. It makes my hair stand up just thinking about it.

      • Tonus says:

        Why would anyone sue the church on behalf of Lanza’s victims? There’s absolutely zero evidence that Lanza was EVER abused by anyone in the church – just a (rather loose) hypothesis… and basically the only people that could provide any insight into it are no longer of this earth. I mean, I’m betting the house that one of these priests isn’t gonna come forward and say, “Oh, yeah… while we’re on it, I touched Adam Lanza, too…”
        Now, I’m NOT saying it definitely didn’t happen, or anything… just really super-thin as it stands, with absolutely zero corroboration, anywhere. When someone comes forward that can provide something other than, “Hey, it sounds like something that could have happened, so let’s go with it,” then it will turn into somethin’.

  33. Tonus says:

    Pat says:
    …4 accusations against Stubbs, and the same bishop (egan) brings him right to St. Rose of Lima in 1997. When Adam Lanza was 6 years old, and attending that school.

    Adam Lanza did not attend the St. Rose of Lima school (as has been stated, previously) until AFTER he was taken out of Sandy Hook Middle School… which would have roughly been sometime in the years of 2004-2006.

    • Adam Lanza was in the St Rose PARISH when pedophile priest Fr Stubbs (and Castaldo) were in that same PARISH. Believe what you want, but there’s no way those pedophiles wouldn’t take advantage of the child that wouldn’t talk.

      • Tonus says:

        And again… zero corroboration, thus far, of any time that the family began attending services at St. Rose of Lima…

      • I don’t have a picture of them in the building, but this article proves that St Rose was their church, unless you’re just looking for a Catholic excuse http://nypost.com/2012/12/17/some-victims-funerals-will-be-held-at-gunmans-church/

      • Phyllis Esposito-Doyen says:

        Tonus is right, you have zero evidence. However, I too find it an interesting possibility. Note that it is not a probability, but you treat it as though it is. You should be careful, from a legal standpoint. Please don’t bother casting me as a defender of the catholic church. I am anything but that. And it is shameful that your response to Tonus contains the suggestion that he is making excuses for them.

      • Never said I had evidence. I have a bunch of facts, and Newtown had a bunch of pedophile priests preying on whoever they could rape and get away with raping – and a 6 year old, brand new autistic kid was the perfect new addition.

  34. Wil Ferch says:

    There is more to the pedophile angle. It’s origin may not necessarily be the Catholic church. Here are some interesting items I was able to find, including reference to the officially-released Ct Police Report. Odd…that in that section I will show below where the hard drives were checked, all the media focused-on was the violent video games. What about the clear indications/interest shown by Adam as to pedophilia? The police report is now public knowledge ( http://cspsandyhookreport.ct.gov/).

    Within, find File 00263454, from Book 1 within this massive police report. Scroll down to Section A211, “Review of Electronic Evidence”. It indicates titles found on Adam’s hard drives such as : (quoting directly–>)

    – text “pbear” – a document written advocating pedophile’s rights and the liberation of children
    – Writings- “babies”-contains two fictional writings of being attacked by babies and attempts to defend against them
    – “Lovebound”- screenplay or script describing a relationship between a 10 year old boy and a 30 year old man ( as already mentioned here in this blog)
    – file 457.full – Profile of a pedophile
    – “me”- 8 page Word document detailing relationships, ideal companion, culture…..describes doctors touching children as rape ( more later on this point).
    – “Smigglesnsuch”….Instant Messaging history with “sixteenbitElder”, “The Stranger” and “Smiggles” ( presumably the shooter) from Dec 2010-Feb 2011. Discussion that focuses on gaming, homosexual fantasies, and….etc, etc ”
    – videos with dancing “pedobear”

    …All this is on the various hard drives found, and the police/media focus ONLY on the violent video games????

    Then there’s the story of Dr. Paul Fox…reported to have treated Adam Lanza but was reported to have sexual relations with patients, and has voluntarily given up his license in USA and quickly re-established himself in New Zealand.

    See here–>


    and here—>


    So….there was plenty of opportunity/evidence that pedophilia could have played a part and twisted Adam’s mind, and although the church personnel evidence is damning enough, there could be more !! Maybe he was molested from both church AND medical community members !?

    • Tremendous research, and I will follow the links later. He could have been raped by any of a group of people. I just think that the Catholics make more sense because there were at least 3 known protected pedo-priests there when he was there, and he took revenge by killing 6 year old kids who were mostly Catholic.

  35. V.E.G. says:

    His motive, nobody knows or cares about it.

  36. My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be precisely what
    I’m looking for. Would you offer guest writers to write content to suit your needs?
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  37. Fascinating. Makes sense. Why was Lanza interested in pedophilia? Would like to interview Neil Allen on this topic. Please email me at Kincaid@comcast.net Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media.

  38. Larson says:

    (AUDIO) Wolfgang Halbig describes his visit to St Rose of Lima (Newtown CT). Police removed Wolfgang for “trespassing.”

    • Robert Rust says:

      Newtown is a CIA fabricated town. I.e., its a CIA base, stage, platform, front, etc. Adam Lanze never existed. Nobody was killed at the school. Nobody died. It was an emergency drill, crafted by CIA to appear as a real event. End of story. The “Newtown School Shooting” has been exposed as a hoax. Do your own research, learn something.

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