WHY Adam Lanza killed children in Sandy Hook – A theory & motive

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This is a clear, fact based theory that explains why Adam Lanza killed 20 children at Sandy Hook. Six adults also died, heroically protecting the children.



  1. Michael says:

    If Adam Lanza was raped at six, A traumatic experience like that could bring about the apparrant Symptoms of Autism. I was not sexually abused, so I most likely have Aspergers Syndrome. I was however mind fucked by my mother. I was so emotionally traumatized by my mother, that maybe that could be the onset of my Asperger characteristics.

    • Ron Bo says:

      Autism spectrum disorders show up much earlier, and are apparent in language deficits, lack of eye contact, not drawing cues from facial expressions or tone, it can generally be diagnosed as early as 24 months and certainly by 36 months. Every individual is going to react in their own way to trauma, but thinking it would manifest with the same symptoms as something on the autism spectrum seems like quite a leap (note I am not a mental health professional)

  2. L Kennedy says:

    The author says he is speculating about Adam Lanza, without ANY evidence this is clearly the ranting of a lunatic, I hope the author doesn’t own any weapons.

    • Really? No evidence? I gave onsite references to reliable sources.

      The only people who think its the “ranting of a lunatic” are Catholics, who always deny their priest pedophilia, even when they get caught in an FBI sting.

  3. Pat says:

    I feel strongly about this issue. Strong enough that I emailed the SNAPnetwork.org in January 2014 after some research of my own. I did not receive a reply.

    There are a number of theories thrown about as a result of the Sandy Hook Massacre, one of which is the possibilty that Adam Lanza was in fact a victim of pedophilia at the hands of a Catholic Priest (or minion of the church.)

    I did find that there were THREE high profile persons that were shuffled through St. Rose of Lima around the time Adam Lanza was a student there.

    I am not sure how to establish if Lanza was in fact associated with these persons, or if a lawsuit had been filed on his behalf. None of this is accusatory or first hand knowledge.

    Therefore, I leave the information to you-

    Rev. Charles Stubbs


    Rev. William Donovan


    Rev. John Castaldo



  4. Ron Bo says:

    There’s a lot of very interesting speculation here, and with great links to sources. But it lacks one crucial thing – evidence that Adam Lanza ever attended a Catholic church. Yes, he went to Catholic school (at least for one year, IIRC that’s all we know for certain), but that doesn’t mean his family attended a Catholic church, or even considered themselves Catholic.
    That said, it is a very good theory, because it fits the known facts – here was someone obsessed with guns, and familiar with them from a very young age. Obsessed with lashing out and inflicting maximum damage. And his rampage was possibly triggered by the imminent move away from the area. Nice write up, thanks for doing it.

  5. Wil Ferch says:

    There is more to the pedophile angle. It’s origin may not necessarily be the Catholic church. Here are some interesting items I was able to find, including reference to the officially-released Ct Police Report. Odd…that in that section I will show below where the hard drives were checked, all the media focused-on was the violent video games. What about the clear indications/interest shown by Adam as to pedophilia? The police report is now public knowledge ( http://cspsandyhookreport.ct.gov/).

    Within, find File 00263454, from Book 1 within this massive police report. Scroll down to Section A211, “Review of Electronic Evidence”. It indicates titles found on Adam’s hard drives such as : (quoting directly–>)

    – text “pbear” – a document written advocating pedophile’s rights and the liberation of children
    – Writings- “babies”-contains two fictional writings of being attacked by babies and attempts to defend against them
    – “Lovebound”- screenplay or script describing a relationship between a 10 year old boy and a 30 year old man ( as already mentioned here in this blog)
    – file 457.full – Profile of a pedophile
    – “me”- 8 page Word document detailing relationships, ideal companion, culture…..describes doctors touching children as rape ( more later on this point).
    – “Smigglesnsuch”….Instant Messaging history with “sixteenbitElder”, “The Stranger” and “Smiggles” ( presumably the shooter) from Dec 2010-Feb 2011. Discussion that focuses on gaming, homosexual fantasies, and….etc, etc ”
    – videos with dancing “pedobear”

    …All this is on the various hard drives found, and the police/media focus ONLY on the violent video games????

    Then there’s the story of Dr. Paul Fox…reported to have treated Adam Lanza but was reported to have sexual relations with patients, and has voluntarily given up his license in USA and quickly re-established himself in New Zealand.

    See here–>


    and here—>


    So….there was plenty of opportunity/evidence that pedophilia could have played a part and twisted Adam’s mind, and although the church personnel evidence is damning enough, there could be more !! Maybe he was molested from both church AND medical community members !?

    • Awesome, awesome research. I will incorporate some of it into the blog above, or maybe put it in a separate blog entry (giving you full credit).

      He was definitely raped when he was a kid. There’s no other reason for a kid to be so obsessed with pedophilia.

      Did you read my other blog entry about the Virginia Tech killer? He ADMITTED he was raped, but investigators didn’t take his video literally.

  6. Wil Ferch says:

    The referenced police report that I cite in my previous post…. is filed under Incident number CFS 1200704559 within the Ct Police Report

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