WHY Adam Lanza killed children in Sandy Hook – A theory & motive

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Virginia Tech killer motive – raped as a child? Theory & evidence, with his video

I think the Virginia Tech killer was also raped as a child, probably by a priest.  Here’s the evidence:

  • In his own video he says, “I did this for the children … for my brothers and sisters that you fucked
  • Wikipedia talks about two of the three essays/plays that he wrote, and they were both about child sex abuse
  • He railed against Christianity, yet compared himself to Christ
    • See 15 seconds at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KElyLrrTLB0#t=1m00s
    • In Wikipedia, at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seung-Hui_Cho it says he “railed against his parents’ strong Christian faith”
      • This would be expected from a child that saw the hypocrisy in his parent’s following a religion that rapes children.  His parents, like most, probably never knew he was raped.
    • However, he did not hate Jesus Christ, and even compared himself to Jesus Christ
  • He had “selective mutism” and social disorders?

He also committed suicide when the cops got there.  Why?

  • He wasn’t afraid of dying
  • He wasn’t afraid of killing cops
  • He wasn’t afraid of being identified

He was afraid of being touched, like many child sex victims.

Cho was the perfect victim for a pedophile priest.  New to town, like Adam Lanza, quiet, and unlikely to tell anyone, especially if the priest told him that he was at fault and would get in trouble.

Other evidence, all speculative:

See the most compelling video below, for 15 seconds, where he says, “I did this for the children … for my brothers and sisters that you fucked”

Go to the 1:27 mark